Ball Consulting, Ltd.


Manufacturing Supply, GFRC

Specialty manufacturing materials are often a keystone for many designer and architect projects. These materials can range from Forton® MG, alkali resistant (AR) glass fiber, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) , Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG), and Fast Stone®.
Even though these are very specialized products, Ball Consulting was having a hard time ranking for the products they offered in search engines – Newhouse Studios was a pillar to elevating their SEO results.

Project Results

Ball Consulting, Ltd. worked with us to create a new site, develop a search engine strategy and new content reflective of the search engine strategy.



Our initial work with Ball Consulting involved an in-depth exploration of their existing site, determining what worked and what was now outdated or not helpful. Ball Consulting desired a far simpler site with a focus on search-engine-friendly content.

After goals were established, we studied their competition and search trends for industry-specific phrases. Our report established primary and secondary targeted phrases that should be worked into the new content for the site, ideally attracting more appropriate traffic to the site than what the business was experiencing from their old site.

Content Creation and Design

Content was written following the recommendations of our research regarding keywords and competitive effectiveness. LDH Consulting partnered with us during the writing process to create the written content for each page.

We created a custom design for this project that allowed for their products to be showcased while still presenting a large amount of data in a concise manner. The site design will allow for additions to be made without a redesign being necessary.

Prior to moving into site development, the project pages were prototyped to thoroughly explore information hierarchy and functionality.

Development and Quality Assurance

Coded in a semantic manner making the site friendly for search engines, the site runs quickly and is compatible with older browsers.

Search Engine Optimization and Training

Ball Consulting receives business on a national basis. The site was optimized focusing on their products and content meaningful to industry rather than geography. Training was provided to show Ball Consulting how to evaluate the effectiveness of their new site’s targeted keywords.Ball Consulting SEO stats