About Newhouse Studios

I help entrepreneurs generate more leads and revenue from their websites through one-on-one consulting and free online education where I provide step-by-step plans that make growing your business online easy and stress-free. These plans might include improving your website, list building, social media, email marketing and search engine optimization techniques. 

Many people think you only have two choices when it comes to getting work done with your online presence: a person to do it for you or you doing it yourself. I am the bridge between those approaches. I also work with clients who just want to have it done for them, but for those who need or want an in-between solution, I’m your girl.

For example, if I am working with you to create a new website, I can literally build a site with you watching live. Whether we are doing work on your website or we are working on a search engine strategy together, this collaborative approach means less time and money spent by you and this also means you are going to get trained how to use whatever we are working on while we are creating it. Because I work collaboratively, you will end up being better educated and clear as to how to grow your business online and how to use online marketing techniques for your specific audience.